The Campaign for Micheline’s Three Conditions.

The Campaign for Micheline’s Three Conditions.

Dr Micheline Sheehy Skeffington is seeking support from students and staff at NUI Galway for the three conditions she is setting NUI Galway in order to put right gender discrimination against women in promotions at the university. These conditions are

  1. That NUI Galway promote to Senior Lecturer the other five women who, along with her, were shortlisted but not promoted in 2009 and back date their promotion to 2009. At that promotion round only one woman was promoted, but 16 men. These five women share most of the circumstances that the Equality Tribunal ruled were discriminatory in Micheline’s case, and two of them were ranked higher than her by the promotion board. But it is now out of time for them to take a case with the Equality Tribunal. Like her they were again refused promotion at the subsequent round in 2014 (when all but one of the five un-promoted male candidates were promoted). Micheline fears they will now never be promoted, as younger women without all their disadvantages will get any places the university gives to women.
  2. That NUI Galway admits that the 2014 round of promotions to senior lecturer was also at fault and corrects the gender imbalance. For that round when 54% of all College Lecturers were women, 49% of those applying for promotion to Senior Lecturer were women and 51% of those shortlisted and deemed eligible for promotion were women, but only 9 of the 28 promoted were women. The University President issued a press release claiming this result showed there was no longer a problem with NUI Galway’s promotions process! Micheline insists NUI Galway must accept they still failed on gender balance and that they redress it, or this last result will become the new standard.
  3. That NUI Galway set clear targets to create gender balance in senior posts and promotions throughout the university. Micheline has been fighting gender discrimination at NUI Galway for thirty years. She has heard over and again how NUI Galway intends to address the problem. She is fed up with being fobbed off with words. She feels the only way to really address this is to set clear targets that management efforts can be judged by, and that these should apply to both academic and non-academic posts. The two targets she has suggested are: At future promotion rounds, that the proportion of women promoted should reflect the proportion of women at the level they are being promoted from; by 2025 there should be an equal proportion of women in senior posts and senior roles (President, etc and directors of major research institutes);  with a steady increase towards this up to 2025.

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