Please Donate!

We have set up a fund to pay for the legal costs of Micheline’s five female colleagues’ court cases. These costs are likely to be more than double the €70,000 Micheline has offered them, money the women themselves will have to pay. But all donations, however small, will help. They all show the five women that you care. So far the campaign has paid €10,600 over to their lawyers as well as funding the various actions we have undertaken to support them.

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We are also offering these free t-shirts for anyone who donates at least €12 to the campaign. If you would like one of these then please follow the instructions below.

T-Shirt Design




T-Shirt Design

‘The suits’


‘Loads of money’

Male or Female: Please write only (M) or (F)


Female XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Male S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

NB the sizes are relatively small, so you might choose a size bigger than your normal size

Information we need: After you click on paypal button below please give the full postage address for your card if you want it sent there. Then in the next box give size and design, and an alternative address if you want that. So for example, a man who wants a size XL t-shirt of ‘The suits’ design and who wants it sent to an address other than that of his credit card would write

 The suits (m) XL 1 Cross Street, Dun Aras, Galway

If you have a pay pal account and want to pay via that then you will need to send us your details via our email address: Also contact us at this address if your gift does not arrive or you want to offer a substantial donation and want it returned should the women win their case and so do not need the money. Otherwise any money left will be used as a fund to help other women in NUIG take cases.

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