Owen Sheehy Skeffington

owenOwen Sheehy Skeffington was Micheline’s father

“His widow, Andrée Sheehy Skeffington wrote a biography of him called ‘Skeff’. She was an activist in her own right, co-founding the Irish Housewives’ Association with Hilda Tweedy. The IHA campaigned for fair food prices and against capitalist exploitation of the poor.

Owen Sheehy Skeffington (1909-1970) was a radical socialist pacifist who believed
passionately in the freedom of the mind. He was a champion of the rights of the underdog
and his anti-authoritarian stance often brought him into sharp disagreement with the more
conservative institutions of the day, though there were few who did not respect his
integrity, honesty and moral courage. He lectured in the French Department of TCD from
1933 until his death, and represented the College in the Senate between 1954 and 1970,
displaying in both roles a strong sense of humour. More focused on people than on
academic ambition, he devoted much time and patience to his students, advising them on
personal as well as educational matters. His keen interest in accuracy in the spoken
French language led him to encourage all students of French to spend time in France,
A travelling scholarship known as the OWEN SHEEHY- SKEFFINGTON MEMORIAL AWARDS is dedicated to him at Trinity University

source: http://www.tcd.ie/French/assets/doc/Travel%20Schol%20%20Brochure%2020142.pdf


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