Today’s #solidariTEA to support the women lecturers a huge success!!

sdrToday’s #solidariTEA event at NUI Galway supporting the women taking court cases had over 300 participants, we hear. It was organised by the University Women’s Network along with the Students Union, Fem Soc, Gender Arc and others. It ran from 10am to noon in the large lobby of the Orbsen Building. Participants brought cakes and other goodies.

Micheline was there but it had nothing to do with this campaign and we did not promote it. That was deliberate as Jim Browne has taken to saying the women have little support; that it’s just Micheline and a few others making a fuss. Well this event proved just how wrong he is! And their support is not just in NUI Galway. Other universities also held events at the same time. There was even one in the Oireachtas this morning with TDs and senators there! This tweet was sent by Ivana Bacik, Labour senator. As Catherine


Martin TD for the Green Party who also tweeted pointed out, it was a cross party event.

Check out #solidariTEA on twitter. There are tweets with pictures of others who joined the event, tea and cake in hand, from Irish universities, UL, UCD, TCD, DCU, plus the Royal College of Surgeons and abroad from The Hague, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and even Hong Kong, San Francisco and Santiago in Chile! Well done the organisers. Here is another tweet, this one from two of the NUIG students who supported the event.

student tweet


And here is the article in tomorrow’s Irish Times.



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