Micheline’s open letter published today in Galway’s City Tribune

Micheline’s open letter was published today in the Galway City Tribune. It’s a long letter which they published in full. It’s also appeared on several sites on line. Please help by circulating it using emails or social media.

Everyone will now come to understand that it’s management’s intransigence which is threatening NUI Galway’s research funding, not the five women we support, and management are going to have to give in and finally correct the gender discrimination.

We hear it’s just three men in management who are holding out and it’s now simply about saving face. They said it could not be done, then they said this was absolutely their final offer. But now they have to recognise how big this issue has become – because of their intransigence. At the recent University Women’s Network AGM, those attending sat at tables, each with a moderator. Each table was asked to list the issues in NUI Galway they thought important for the Network to engage with. Every single table put Justice for the Five Women Lecturers as the most important!

It’s OK guy’s, we’re all wrong sometimes. It’s human. Put the gender discrimination right and we can all move!


Here’s a photo of the letter in the Galway City Tribune, who we’d like to thank whole heartedly. They have stuck with this issue through thick and thin, fearlessly, even though the university press office stooped inviting them to press events and sending them press releases because of it.  Buy the Galway City Tribune!



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