Hanna documentary film nearly there!

5a2 HSS OSSsepia USA

Hanna with her son Owen, Micheline’s father, in 1917 on her epic US tour.

The crowd funding to film Micheline following her grandmother’s US tour this autumn has reached €15,000 with 174 separate donations. That is 72% of the €21,000 total! Thank you to everyone who has helped! Micheline and Joanna have now found a production company interested in taking the project on, who have a successful track record with documentaries many of which have been shown on RTE. If they can come to a formal agreement the company will apply for a grant to complete the filming and to produce a documentary about Hanna after Micheline returns from the US.

Donations continue to come in steadily but there are now only 6 days left to reach the total, or the money is returned to the backers by Indiegogo.com. As a result, Micheline is donating €3,000 herself in the hope the remaining €3,000 is offered by others before the deadline of 8pm on Tues 15th. If you want to help, you can do so here. Even the smallest of donation is welcome! Having more supporters is also a further endorsement of the project.

As well as filming some of Micheline’s many lectures, media interviews and receptions, Joanna also plans to film the old hotel in New York where Hanna stayed before giving her first lecture in Carnegie Hall, then in the Carnegie Hall archive room with the archivist, at Ellis Island with a historian, in Boston where Micheline is hosted by the Irish Cultural Centre, at the train station near Buffalo where British agents attempted to trick Hanna onto a train crossing the Canadian border where they could arrest her, at the iBAM! festival in Chicago where Micheline is a headline ‘act’, at the anarchist grave yard where two famous feminist friends of Hanna are buried, and in Butte, Montana, which still has a vibrant memory of Hanna’s visit 100 years ago. They will also film some of the many train journeys Micheline will take, and her arrival in New York by transatlantic liner, as Hanna did.

The documentary will reference Micheline’s historic gender discrimination win and this campaign. Micheline has been invited to give lectures on her case, and the gender inequality at NUI Galway and in Ireland, at several American universities, and for human rights groups. Footage of the benefit concert and other campaign events will be used. Thus, by supporting this project you will also help keep the pressure on NUI Galway to stop the gender discrimination and promote the five women!

Please help the project by donating to Hanna and Me: Passing on the Flame.





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