Mediation is extended again

The adjournment of the High Court case has been extended for another two weeks to allow mediation between the four female lecturers and NUI Galway to continue. Neither Micheline nor the campaign is privy to the details of the negotiations, but the longer the mediation continues, the more hopeful we become. Micheline knows how strong a case these women have because she’s seen how corrupt the 2008/2009 promotion round was, through her own Equality Tribunal win. The tribunal hearing was held behind closed doors, but the campaign has since uncovered much of that scandal — the worst of which we have yet to reveal. So we, too, know how strong a case these women have.

The longer the mediation goes on, the more confident we become that the women will have the courage to hold their ground, to stick by what’s right. If they do that, then, inevitably, the women are going to get what they deserve because university management also knows how corrupt the ’08/’09 round of promotions was. That’s why they’ve never offered an independent enquiry to resolve the problem. But NUI Galway’s recent record in negotiations is one of first trying to bully people into taking less than they deserve.

Hopefully, the university will finally offer the women what they are due as part of this mediation. If they don’t and the pre-trial hearing is rescheduled, we will continue to be fully behind the women. We will again organise a massive demonstration to ensure that the hypocrisy of NUI Galway is revealed. Micheline is prepared to fly back from her US lecture tour to be there. However, we don’t think it will come to that. They will have to give in again. Management are trapped and they know it. If the women win the pre-trial hearing, the full hearing will expose all the scandal. If NUI Galway win the pre-trial, then their hypocrisy is exposed in all the media. President Jim Browne said it was for the women to prove they deserved promotion in court, as Micheline had, but everyone will see how NUI Galway have prevented the women from doing that.

Please stand firm, with us, in your commitment to support these women. You can show your support by helping fund Micheline’s documentary, which publicises the campaign. She now has nearly half of the funding needed.



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