Mediation extended!

The Irish Examiner has reported that the mediation between the four female lecturers taking High Court cases and NUI Galway has been extended for another two weeks!  It seems our previous post on Tuesday reporting how it had failed and detailing what we had heard about NUI Galway’s Machiavellian moves may have done some good! We hope this time NUI Galway have the sense to treat the women seriously. As we made clear in our last post, in the short term NUI Galway may have gained by stopping our demo outside the High Court against their hypocrisy, but in the long term they were worse off because the campaign was not going to go away. We would be there demonstrating at the next hearing, when ever it happened, and in the mean time Micheline would be touring the US telling everyone about the gender discrimination at NUI Galway and then making a documentary about it.

All five of the female lecturers have a very strong case. So they are right to stand firm and insist on getting what ever they’re asking for. Most of the facts that Micheline used for her Equality Tribunal win applies equally to them. In fact one of the women has an even stronger case as she was ranked higher than Micheline by the examination board. She was ranked highest of those not promoted. Because Micheline’s case revealed that one of the men promoted wasn’t even eligible to apply, this woman opted to take a Labour Court case rather than the expense of the High Court, arguing that she should be promoted in his stead. We hear that case is also on hold, presumably while the mediation with the four happens.

We in the campaign are not privy to what is going on in the mediation but we wish them all well. What they are doing is very brave. High Court proceedings are very expensive and NUI Galway has bottomless pockets. But NUI Galway also really cares about its reputation and there’s a lot of scandal which will be exposed in any public court cases.

If you haven’t done so already, please support the filming of Micheline’s US tour for the documentary by clicking the picture opposite this post on our web page or here.


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