Hanna and Me: Micheline’s US tour documentary

Micheline would like to film key parts of the US lecture tour she’s undertaking late this summer. This repeats her grandmother Hanna Sheehy Skeffington’s epic tour one hundred years ago. She hopes to make a documentary for broadcasting which will be about Hanna’s fight for justice, but also about Micheline’s equality win and her campaign for the five women. Joanna McMinn, who is organising the project, is seeking crowd funding to pay for the filming. They need €21,000 to pay for flights and costs for Joanna and Eddie, who made all our great promo videos, to go out twice during the tour.

Everything is being done frugally, Joanna is taking no payment for all she is doing and Eddie is working for peanuts, they will stay in Air B&B’s and Joanna will act as Eddie’s sound person.

We really hope you can help. This is a great opportunity for all of us to donate to something which will both celebrate what Hanna and Micheline have done for women and also really help the five women fighting NUI Galway.  You can find out more at the dedicated crowd funding site on Indiegogo – Hanna and Me. Please share the site with friends and encourage them to help too.


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