Micheline’s US Tour now has a Facebook page


Micheline’s lecture tour of the US is rapidly taking shape. Following her grandmother’s epic tour one hundred years ago Micheline now, in her turn, also has invitations to speak in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, St Louis, Seattle and smaller places like Butte, Montana with strong Irish connections, that Hanna spoke in. There have been many offers of support and people have sent information about what Hanna did in the US. There is now a facebook page where you can find out more about the tour, which will have regular updates. If you are on Facebook please sign up, like it and share it. Micheline will use this page to crowdfund filming for the documentary she hopes to have broadcast, so the wider this page can be shared the better. All her lectures will reference her own gender discrimination case against NUI Galway and the campaign to support the five women, as will the documentary.

Micheline would be particularly happy to receive invites from NUI Galway Alumni associations and other places providing funds or with a connection to NUI Galway. As well as any Irish American associations. In the U.S. they really care about gender discrimination, and NUI Galway are very keen to keep receiving American money!

Invitations, information or offers of help can be sent to mich3c@gmail.com or to the facebook page where they will go direct to Joanna McMinn who is organising Micheline’s tour and the documentary.


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