NUI Galway continues mediation with women taking High Court case


Micheline with her placard for the High Court demo last month. President Jim Browne claimed  in a graduate magazine that he ‘walked the walk not talked the talk’ with gender discrimination .

The mediation which the four women taking the High Court case and NUI Galway agreed to is continuing. Neither Micheline nor the campaign are privy to what is happening. All the campaign knows is that it started a week ago and is still on going. Normally such mediation is over in a few days, with either an agreement or a return to court. We surmise that NUI Galway has not yet offered the women anything near to what they seek – promotion back dated to the 08/09 promotion round. The women’s case is strong, many of the facts that led to Micheline winning her Equality Tribunal also apply to them, so why should they compromise excessively?

NUI Galway will have taken note, we are certain, of the recent decision by University of Limerick to appoint an Independent Enquiry to investigate their scandal involving female staff, following the exposure of the underlying facts by RTE Investigates. They will also realise there are a lot of similarities!

We wish the women strength and patience. If, through this, all five women get something they are happy with, the campaign will celebrate with them, but we will not be triumphant or give NUI Galway a hard time about how long it took. And, providing that management offer the same terms to the fifth woman, who is taking a Labour Court case, we will wind up this campaign. But should the other four women return to court, then we will continue to support them, emotionally, financially and inevitably with yet more bad publicity for NUI Galway.


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