Micheline takes the campaign to the U.S.

Micheline has resolved to repeat her grandmother, Hannah Sheehy Skeffington’s, epic tour of the U.S in this it’s anniversary year. Her principal motive is to try to get Hanna the recognition she deserves for what she did.  Newly widowed after her husband had been murdered by British firing squad, Hanna toured the States, filling large


Hanna and Owen (Micheline’s father) in the US

auditoriums, including Carnegie Hall, meeting the president and telling everyone about the British response to the Easter Uprising. It was an important and courageous contribution to the fight for Irish Freedom which has been mostly forgotten today – probably because Hanna was a woman.

Micheline also decided to repeat the tour because it will be a great opportunity to publicise NUI Galway’s actions regarding women. Micheline really hopes that the present mediation will result in the university seeing sense and promoting the five women who she has been supporting, but if they do not, then Micheline will use all the media coverage here and in the US and the lectures themselves to tell people about the campaign.

Micheline has already made a start. She was on the History Show on RTE radio announcing the tour and mentioned NUI Galway and the campaign. You can listen to it here.

Micheline is being helped with the organising and hopes to film the tour and have it broadcast as an RTE documentary. The itinerary and plans are well under way. We will give you an update when there is more to share.




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