Three generations of Sheehy Skeffingtons have their own High Court demo.


Micheline was joined by her two nieces and their families outside the High Court on May 4th. Our demo against NUI Galway may have been cancelled because of the mediation but why waste the opportunity to train the next generation, particularly as the little girl in the foreground is Hanna Sheehy Skeffington Piloto, named after her famous suffragette great great grandmother.

Micheline was there to thank anyone who turned up because they hadn’t heard the demo was off. She’d also like to thank everyone who had been organising the day: Helen, Rose,  Sally, Oisin, Clíodhna, Frankie, Lianne, Owen, Hayley and Chris.

A lot of people were planning on coming. Many because of the amazing video made by Eddie Mullarkey promoting the demo using Tommy Tiernan’s hilarious analysis of what’s wrong with NUI Galway.  The full clip of what Tommy said is here. Thanks also to the two of them. May the fourth be with you too.


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