Our benefit concert was ‘a HUGE success’.

IMG_8196We’ve been inundated with thanks and praise for the benefit concert on Wednesday night. It really was a great night and it felt lovely to have organised something that gave such happiness to nearly everyone involved: audience, the performers and all the volunteers wearing our yellow T shirts.IMG_81852.jpg The only complaint was from a woman who thought she was coming just to see the ‘stunning Tommy Tiernan’. Otherwise it was just heartfelt thanks. Someone told us it was the best gig they’d ever been to, and they weren’t young! The reason it went so well was the shared aspiration of nearly all the 800 people: there to help the five women.

So a great big thank you to the two bands for doing it for us. My Fellow Sponges opened the show with sweet melodies and wonderful words. Then after the interval The Stunning were magnificent, and the quality, with IMG_8191excellent sound and backing brass was amazing for a benefit concert. They did us proud and rocked us into the night. But most amazing of all was Tommy. If you didn’t catch his opening riff about the University management you missed one of the best things to have happened so far in the campaign! We really hope someone has it recorded.

We share here the best of the images we have. If you have anything good please send it in to mich3c@gmail.com and we will put the best up on Google Drive. We’d particularly like a film clip of Tommy playing the air guitar and singing ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ along with the two bands for the finale. It was Derek Murray of The Stunning who suggested they do that number as Tommy is a great Dylan fan. Sure enough Tommy knew all the words and helped Steve Wall to recall the last verse. IMG_8223

At the end of the show, backstage, Helen Mortimer and Micheline gave Tommy a portrait of Bob Dylan painted by Helen’s son, as a thank you.  His eyes popped out when he saw it. He’d already given the highest bid for one of the other portraits by Oisín Carey we were auctioning, because he liked it so much, and now he was being given one of his hero!

Also a thank you to all the volunteers selling the raffle tickets, our merchandise, running the cloak room and preparing the Black Box, and to Nick, Micheline’s partner, who ran the night. We took over €21,000!! After we’ve paid off all the expenses it will be a big help with the legal fees. But the most important thing was the enormous publicity the event generated, raising awareness of the upcoming High Court hearing and our demo, and the amount of good will produced. As Micheline said in her short speech ‘now let’s get 800 people outside the High Court on May 4th!’. And as Tommy commented before the show, ‘May the forth be with you!’


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