The Secret Cartoonist exhibition is back!



The Secret Cartoonist exhibition will be on display at the Secret Garden Cafe in Galway through Feb. 5th. Drawings and T-shirts as well as badges, mugs and post cards will be available for sale to support the Gender Equality Campaign.

The exhibition of cartoons that caused so much upset to NUI Galway management last April is back on view at the Secret Garden Café, 4 William St West, Galway.

“I’m delighted it’s back,” said Micheline Sheehy Skeffington, who launched the exhibition in front of a blank wall in NUI Galway’s Arts Millennium building last April. “It’s about raising awareness amongst students, especially about the four women’s High Court cases.”

Micheline said the next few months are critical for the Gender Equality campaign because the pre-trial hearing will be held Thursday, May 4th.

“If the University succeeds in having the women’s cases thrown out on a legal technicality, it will be an enormous injustice,” she said. “So the campaign is doing all it can to raise awareness so that lots of students and supporters come on the buses the Students Union are providing to demonstrate outside the High Court.”

The exhibition, which runs until February 5th, comprises a selection of framed and signed copies of the ‘University President –a fictional character’ cartoons as seen on Facebook. The original drawings for the ‘Mr Browne’s Boys’ T-shirts, which poke fun at University management, are also on view, some still for sale.

Last April, the exhibition was taken down in the middle of the night by University security even though the NUI Galway Students’ Union had properly booked the space. The clandestine removal brought more attention to the exhibition, which was subsequently allowed to go back up.

“But it’s had repercussions this year,” Micheline said. “University management have changed the rules about exhibitions so we won’t be able to hang it again there. In fact, the student societies who’re running a table in the University concourse every Tuesday and taking bookings for the High Court buses were told they couldn’t display the T-shirts that lampoon President Jim Browne and other senior management!”

The Secret Garden Café is frequented by many NUI Galway students as well as staff and will take orders for sales at the counter. Mugs, badges and post cards are also for sale at the café. To see the exhibition’s Facebook page, click on the following link:


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