An important message from Micheline

Micheline has sent us this message:

We are at a crucial point in the campaign when we need your help. The court cases for the five women challenging NUI Galway will be heard during this academic year, with the first probably in November. The five women need, and deserve, your support for what they are doing on our behalf. It is because of their cases that we got all the media coverage which, in turn, was why both NUI Galway and the HEA recently promised radical changes to improve the number of women promoted to senior posts in Irish universities. This is how you can help:

– The organising committee needs new members, particularly students and post grads as many of the previous ones have now moved away. Can you help? We meet once every two weeks during term and divide the work between us. The first meeting will be later this month.

– We need demonstrators outside the court cases, wearing our distinctive yellow T-shirts and waving placards.  We plan to hire a bus to take us up to Dublin. Can you come?

– We need offers of help leafleting in NUI Galway, manning a stall selling our T-shirts, mugs, postcards, and raising awareness. By the end of this academic year, we want everyone in NUI Galway to know what has been happening. Can you help?

– We also need help running events to highlight the campaign and raise money for the court cases, events like a benefit rock concert, another secret cartoonist exhibition and more.

– And we need donations towards the five’s legal costs.

If you can help in any way, please write to our e-mail address:

This year is the final push! Let’s do all we can to support the five women taking the court cases – what they are doing is incredibly brave. And let’s ensure that management’s  promises about more women being promoted are implemented.

Thank you

Micheline Sheehy Skeffington


Message from us at the web page:

You can also help the campaign and keep up to date by signing up to receive this blog. The more people who receive it, the more pressure on management. Over the next three months we will be revealing more of what we’ve been told about what was really going on in the promotion rounds! Things management do not want you to know. Sign up by clicking on the ‘Follow’ tab at bottom right of the page and then confirming when you receive an e-mail.


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