Mindfully throwing money away


Here is a piece from the Sunday Times with more evidence that NUI Galway cares only about its image. This is the mindfulness conference which the campaign demonstrated outside last year: BE MINDFUL TO WOMEN: Peaceful Protest at NUIG Conference Raises Awareness of Discrimination We handed out leaflets pointing out how management had recently saved money by cutting the wellness program which included lunch-time meditation sessions. That program was costing peanuts compared to this mega expensive publicity exercise – the local woman teaching the lunchtime sessions was only receiving travel expenses. No ‘gifts’ for her!

At the time NUI Galway announced they were to become the ‘first mindful university in Europe’. That statement had the same hubris as Jim Browne’s recent pronouncement welcoming the equality Task Force report. He said NUI Galway would become the ‘leaders in this space’ which ignored the small detail that NUI Galway are currently considerably worse than any other Irish university for the promotion of women and continue to fight five women in the courts.

Another example of that hubris occurred with the HEA committee looking at third level gender inequality. We are told, all the university presidents were summoned to a meeting which Jim Browne didn’t attend, sending Gearóid Ó Conluain in his stead saying he had another meeting he had to attend. The chair Máire Geoghegan-Quinn was incensed and literally bellowed at poor Ó Conluain. What could be more important than doing something about gender inequality when it was the case Micheline Sheehy Skeffington won against NUI Galway which was responsible for the committee being set up!

Here is the Connacht Tribune article with all the details on the conference expenses. http://connachttribune.ie/nuigs%E2%80%88wellbeing-conference-sees-college-hit-with-e22000-loss/





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