Will NUI Galway ever learn?


Since we put up the post (below this one) announcing how NUI Galway is threatening us and WordPress.com with legal proceedings for defamation, this site has had more than 2,300 ‘views’ over 48 hours. That’s the highest total since April 2015! And what was the news story in April 2015? NUI Galway was threatening then to prosecute Micheline Sheehy Skeffington. That was for an e-mail she had sent to all staff detailing the inaccuracies NUI Galway had sent to all staff concerning her Equality Tribunal case. Will they ever learn?

When NUI Galway took down the campaign’s Secret Cartoonist exhibition in the middle of the night, they received another lorry load of bad publicity. Don’t they get it? Universities can’t behave like nasty business corporations. Society expects them to be open, principled and well meaning. Every time NUI Galway acts like this, it will get a big negative reaction.

In the 2015 e-mail Micheline sent to all staff, she included a table comparing what had happened to the women, as opposed to the men, since they were shortlisted in the 2008/9 round of promotions for which she won her case. All the women, bar the single one promoted to Senior Lecturer then, were still College Lecturers, but more than half the men were now Professors – even some of those not promoted in 2008/9! The university claimed that Micheline was revealing private personal information and ordered all staff to destroy the e-mail. However, that table was assembled by supporters from information available on the university’s own Web page. Micheline’s solicitor wrote to NUI Galway to point this out and ask for an apology, but there has never been a reply. Additionally, misinformation about the tribunal is still on NUI Galway’s Web page.

This constant bombast is harming NUI Galway. The university is becoming a laughing stock. And it is entirely unnecessary. Micheline has told us that before our Web page was even an idea, before the campaign started, before the university’s Task Force was appointed, right back when she had just won her case, she met with university management and detailed what she had found out through her Equality Tribunal case. As well as stating that she wanted them to promote the five other women who had suffered the same injustice, she voiced concern that eventually the information would come out through the court cases and give the university a bad name. She said she did not want to harm the university. Our objective is also not to harm NUI Galway. We simply want them to address the injustice and promote the five women.


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