Secret Cartoonist Exhibit at NUIG – at least for now

Secret cartoonist

Secret Cartoonist Exhibition, as it looked on Thursday in NUIG’s Arts Millennium building.

The Secret Cartoonist Exhibition is back — this time at NUI Galway — but you better go see it soon because it may not last for long. That’s because NUI Galway security may be taking the exhibit down per orders of university officials.

While it lasts, people can show support for the exhibit by taking pictures of it and sharing them on social media.

If it isn’t taken down, the exhibit is planned to be launched officially on Monday in the foyer of the Arts Millennium building at the university.

It would be a shame if the exhibit is taken down because the university’s Students Union has a remit to support the gender equality campaign.

The pop-up exhibit, hosted by the Students Union and Choice Society, features cartoons by the artist behind the University President cartoons. The exhibition comprises the best of these University President cartoons about gender discrimination, poking fun at the university management’s claims to be correcting the problem. Although the satirical cartoons appear regularly on Facebook and are hugely popular with NUIG staff and students, the identity of the artist remains a secret.

The cartoons were a huge success when exhibited in September 2015 in the Secret Garden café in Galway.





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