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Micheline Sheehy Skeffington has been drawing lots of attention to the gender equality campaign at NUI Galway as well as raising funds for the women lecturers’ pending court cases through events associated with the 1916 Easter Rising centenary.

Micheline, granddaughter of activists Francis and Hanna Sheehy Skeffington, spoke recently at a large Irish-American conference in Dublin and gave a public lecture about her grandparents on Easter Monday as part of RTE’s free events. She also read out readings from her grandparents as part of the state event.


At those public gatherings, she let people know about the continuing problems with gender inequality at NUI Galway, selling T-shirts and mugs to support the Micheline’s Three Conditions campaign and the five women who are still fighting the university for their right to be promoted.

Micheline is also speaking out online. You can read what Micheline has to say about the NUI Galway gender equality campaign as well as learn about upcoming campaign activities by following her on Twitter. Her Twitter address is @MichelineShSk. We encourage you to follow her!


(The slideshow above shows Micheline in suffragette wear speaking to President Michael D. Higgins and Muriel MacAuley, granddaughter of Thomas MacDonagh; addressing the audience from a podium during a 1916/2016 event; and asking the question ‘But have things changed?’ regarding women’s equality, which her grandparents fought so hard for through the suffrage movement.)



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