“Oblivious to the extent of the problem, NUI Galway President Jim Browne sought to lecture staff representatives on management’s ‘bravery’ and ‘achievements’ on equality.”


Unfortunately, when it comes to gender equality, it looks like it’s more of the same from management at NUI Galway. SIPTU organiser Noel Maguire, quoted above, voiced the union’s outrage regarding the university management’s refusal on Aug. 28th to attend a meeting at the Labor Relations Council (LRC) to discuss an equality task force it has appointed. The union issued a press release Sept. 2nd voicing “frustration at the toxic environment” at the university.

“If the President is serious about ending discrimination and is genuine about co-operating with unions, then agreeing to attend the LRC would restore some semblance of confidence,” Maguire said in the press release.

Further, Maguire said that union members have no confidence in NUI Galway management to resolve the gender equality problem internally. 

“For a proper investigation of these matters, the intervention of an independent third party is required,” he said. “The refusal by management to accept this is a further demonstration of its abject fear of independent scrutiny on this subject.”

The whole article can be found on Ninth Level Ireland at:

You can also read the article and others on SIPTU’s website at:


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