Of spin, glass ceilings and sticky floors

Spin spin spin

A recent addition to the growing collection of UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT cartoons: Spin, spin, spin. You can view the original and others on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/uniprez.

“As we were shown in Dr Micheline Sheehy Skeffington’s successful action in the Equality Tribunal, 84 per cent of senior posts in NUIG are held by men, exemplifying the environments in which women must function.”

That’s a quote from an August 30th Irish Times Opinion piece about the painfully slow change in the number of women election candidates. Written by equality issues campaigner Laura Harmon, the article is well worth the read, not just because it refers to Mich’s Equality Tribunal case. Here are other highlights:

  • We can talk all we want about breaking glass ceilings but there are also sticky floors. When one woman or member of a minority group breaks a glass ceiling, it often doesn’t help those who are stuck on the floor below.
  • Education institutions often act as a mirror for wider society. Over 50 per cent of the higher education population are women yet, just 19% of university professors and, out of seven universities, three of the registrars are women.
  • The list of women in public life in Ireland today has certainly grown. … However, without proactive measures, the pace of change is painfully slow. In 1995, the Dáil comprised 12 per cent women, with only a 4 per cent increase in the interim.

Here’s the link to Harmon’s article, http://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/parties-already-have-more-women-candidates-for-election-than-in-2011-1.2332606


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