Limited edition replicas of historic badges promoting women’s rights donated to campaign


The campaign have been donated replica copies of the Votes for Women badge of the Irish Women’s Franchise League, founded by Micheline’s grandmother Hanna Sheehy Skeffington in 1908 and worn by both her grandparents. These have been donated by Dearcán Media, Derry who are making a documentary for TG4 about Francis Sheehy Skeffington to be screened later this year. This is the 100th anniversary of Frank’s imprisonment  and next year will be the anniversary of his execution by firing squad during the Easter Uprising, despite him being a pacifist. He was wearing a feminist badge when he was shot (but it’s not known which one).  As well as being of such historical significance the badges are also handsome, as you can see. The campaign will give a free badge as a thank you for every new donation. Please give at least three euros to offset the postage and effort, more if you can. If you also want a T shirt please indicate, and donate at least €15.

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