Your Letter is Important to the University

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Have you written to anyone at the university to express your concern about the blatant gender imbalance and discrimination at NUI Galway? (see how here)

Many people already have and have given personal accounts of why this issue is important to them and why they believe change is so necessary.

If you have written the president then thank you very much for taking the time to voice your concerns. It is deeply encouraging to know that so many people care about gender equality at NUI Galway. Unfortunately the ears of the president are still not quite yet open. If you received the letter beginning as below then it is a standarised response that is being sent out to all people who have written to him. This is a pity as many people have taken the time to write about their personal experience or posed questions directly.

We would encourage people to respond again to this email pointing out that you are aware it is a generic response and requesting that specific questions or concerns raised are addressed

The generic response begins with

“Thank you for your email voicing your concerns over equality issues at NUI Galway.I fully understand your interest in recent issues relating to the question of gender equality in this University and in the wider higher education sector.  These are indeed serious and legitimate concerns, and they highlight a worryingly prevalent trend within the higher education sector in Ireland and internationally, as you will see from the HEA figures for all higher education institutions (HEIs) attached”

It appears that the emphasis is on deflecting the attention away from the fact that NUI Galway is the worst university in Ireland and one of the worst in Europe towards an emphasis on the poor record of all Irish universities.

Does this reflect an intention to seriously address the gender imbalance at NUI Galway?


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