Write to the university

The university has failed to respond seriously to the concerns raised about gender imbalance at NUI Galway. It is time to take a stand and drag the university of its boy’s club cronyism time warp and into the 21st century

You could help to do this by writing to those responsible for maintaining the structures that allow for such discrimination.

Take the time to write a personal email describing why this issue is important to you or if you are a student or member of staff explain why you have been affected by this issue of gender imbalance and why you believe it must be addressed.

Click here to see some bite size facts that you might like to question the university on

The most important people to write to:

 The University President, Jim Browne.  The President’s Office, NUI Galway, University Rd, Galway.     president@nuigalway.ie

 The University Registrar, Pól O’Dochartaigh. The Registrar’s Office, NUI Galway, University Rd, Galway. registrarsoffice@nuigalway.ie

The Academic Secretary, Gearoid O’Conluain  (requesting your letter be submitted to the Governing Body and the Academic Council) NUI Galway, University Rd, Galway.  gearoid.oconluan@nuigwalay.ie

If you are at NUI Galway you could also write to the dean of your discipline. Or if you are writing concerning the individual case of one of the women suffering discrimination you could write to the dean of their discipline.

You might also consider writing to the governing body which includes county Councillors and representatives from business



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