Siptu calls for external audit of equality at NUI Galway

Trade union Siptu has called for an external audit of “all aspects” of equality at NUI Galway (NUIG) by independent experts.

This resolution was made at the SIPTU meeting in response to news that a new university review body ordered by the Equality Tribunal was having positions allocated by ‘University Management’ and not members of the Academic Council or the Governing Body.Similarly to the task force, there is concern that the university management would seek to fill the review body with persons assured to protect their own interest. It was felt that having independent persons on the review body would ensure transparency and buck the trend of cronyism already rampant in the university’s attitude toward filling positions.

Now it is left to see if the management will agree to the resolution
The meeting was attended by Micheline Sheehy Skeffington and approximately 50 university staff

“The audit should enable staff to give evidence of inequality, according to a motion carried unanimously at an emergency meeting of Siptu’s academic section at NUIG on Thursday.

The motion calls for the university to use the audit findings to “eliminate all facets of structural discrimination” in the university.

It also requests Siptu be involved in checking who will be on the external expert body “to assure staff of its independence”.

Staff in administration, catering, cleaning and other areas of the college were represented at the lunchtime meeting hosted by NUIG academics affiliated to Siptu.

The motion says pressure for additional administrative, teaching and research work have made an acceptable work-life balance “increasingly difficult or impossible” and this affects all staff, regardless of gender.”


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